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Update! StoryArt Fullpack Apk

StoryArt full pack can help you to create a beautiful story. Manage your photos using the full pack storyart to produce an anti-mainstream and unique storyart.

This StoryArt that we shared has added several templates, though not too many, at least more than those in Playstore (Free).

Fitur StoryArt
Use StoryArt to:
– Keep daily memory in an elegant way.
– Record and save every meaningful moment.
– Impress fans with awesome layouts templates.

In StoryArt you can find:
Flawless Layout Templates
– Over 500 templates help you create an amazing story and more.
– Over 40 Themes for choice including Film Marble Retro Minimalism.
– 9:16 story Templates perfect for instasize
– 80+ Highlight Cover Maker including Basic Watercolor & Neon
– Keep updating templates weekly!

Multiple Tools for storytelling
– Hype Your Text: Type text with various fonts & unique designs.
– Filters: High quality filters perfect for any occasion.
– Advanced Color Adjustment Tools: including exposure contrast saturation

Be an Instagram story artist:
– One-click sharing to Instagram Story
– Tag @storyart.official in your stories for your chance to be featured

Link Download :

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